First Blog Ever

So here’s my first blog ever and I’m excited to get started!  I recently moved to Chicago from Nashville although I still work in Nashville frequently as an actor, acting teacher, and casting director.   Being in Chicago, I’m focusing more on acting, teaching, and maybe some writing.  This blog is a good start!

Most of what I write will focus on the actor’s internal process, not so much technique (although I might write some about that too) as what goes on in the actor’s heart, mind, spirit, and guts.  And maybe some advice from my years as a CD.  There are so many topics to write about from dealing with anxiety and rejection to embracing our victories and knowing we are on the right path.  Acting is a unique profession in many ways, but one glaring standout is that half of our job (more like 80% if you are strictly an on camera actor) is auditioning for our next job.  Can you imagine a CEO or a chef or a therapist having to spend more than half of her time interviewing with different companies only to be hired for one day or a couple days, maybe a week if lucky, or even the rare joyous month here and there only to go back to interviewing most of her time for the next brief job?  Ha!  What we do is absurd and would drive any normal 9-5er to the edge.  Then add the fact that we are these sensitive creatures who get on a stage or in front of a camera and bare our soul for all to see, dear heavens! it’s a wonder why any sane person keeps at it.

But we know why.  We love it.  It’s in our DNA.  We are meant to tell stories, and not just tell them, but embody them, live them and share them.  It’s what makes us feel alive, on purpose, connected, passionate, full and happy.  So my hope is that what you read here will help you along your journey in some small way.  Let me know if there’s a topic you’d like to discuss.

Thanks for being here and may the booking gods be forever on your side!

Here’s a picture I took of the beautiful Chicago skyline from Lake Michigan’s POV.  Enjoy!