You Are Enough

You Are Enough. Those are the three words that I learned from my badass Meisner instructors last summer at The School at Steppenwolf that meant the most to me. That is the sentence that I wish every actor and artist could embody. You are enough. Think of the work we could all do if we truly believed it! And what limitations would you rid yourself of if you believed this was true? Doubt? Fear? Jealousy? Self-sabotage?

My wish for you in this new year, amidst all your goals and plans and lists, is that you remember those simple three words. You are enough. You have everything inside you that you need to succeed. Will. Determination. Discipline. Kindness. Humor. Patience. Love. Of course some things may need to be cultivated, tended to, and brought out into the open, and that is what class is for. Find a good teacher or coach and work on developing the areas that need work. But the ultimate truth? You have everything you already need within you. You are so much resourceful and powerful than you think you are.

Commit to doing what needs to be done, you know what it is for you. And make the phrase, “I am enough” your new inner mantra. When you go on an audition, when you ask for a raise, when you present your artwork or writing, when you get up to speak, when you enter a room full of people you do not know, or whenever and however it serves you, remember: You Are Enough.